Animal Welfare Flash Mob


Animal Welfare Flash Mob: McDonalds Protest

The Humane League campaign for animal welfare throughout the world and hired TopSecret to help with their PR Campaign. #ImNotLovinIt seeks to highlight the inadequate welfare policy that McDonalds has in place for it’s chickens. We were asked to provide a powerful animal welfare flash mob at both the McDonalds HQ and one of it’s leading restaurants in Leicester Square. Here’s what happened:

Although TopSecret provides amazing flash mobs for weddingsflash mob waiters and lots of other incredible surprises, we felt this campaign warranted something equally special. As always, our brilliant choreographer created a unique routine that received lots of positive feedback. The Humane League animal welfare flash mob is just one part of a series of events aimed at putting pressure on McDonalds. Here’s why:

From The ImNotLovinIt website:

McDonald’s has released an inadequate animal welfare policy that fails to address several important welfare issues. Under current conditions, chickens in McDonald’s supply chain suffer from:

  1. Unnatural Growth: from being selectively bred / genetically manipulated
  2. Ammonia Burns: from the toxic fumes from their own waste
  3. Debilitating Injuries: from being crippled by the weight of their own oversized bodies

As one of the world’s largest most influential companies, McDonald’s has the power to impact the entire food industry as well as the lives of millions of chickens. Instead, McDonald’s has chosen to mislead consumers with hollow promises that lack meaningful change.


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