The Best Flash Mobs Ever


The Best Flash Mobs Ever

We absolutely love flashmobs and spend many hours watching what’s happening on the performance scene around the world. Over the years there have been some truly inspirational stunts so, to celebrate the incredible work done by our global counterparts, here’s the official TopSecret list of the best flash mobs ever.

No. 20

Everyone loves the Sound Of Music so it’s a real treat to see this classic from 2009 in Antwerp Central Station, Belgium. 200 dancers took part in an electric performance of Do Re Mi and stunned travellers with their amazing routine.

No. 19

We love a bit of cheese and admit to having Abba as a guilty pleasure. Racking up a formidable 4.3 million views a group of musical lovers performed this upbeat Abba medley in one of Sao Paolo’s shopping centres to the delight of the crowd. Despite it being filmed in 2011, it has to be one of the most fun, energetic and vibrant flashmobs in our list.

No. 18

There are lots of annual celebrations throughout the year and, for many, St Patrick’s Day is a really important date, So, our next best flash mob ever salutes our friends down under in Sydney who created a superb Irish Dancing flash mob at Central Station back in 2011. The Aer Lingus Irish Dancing flash mob was a real contender but our favourite is the Australian performance simply because it was on St Patrick’s day.

No. 17

Michael Jackson’s classic song Thriller has been the soundtrack to thousands of flashmobs over the years. More of a performance than a flash mob this routine by 1500 inmates of a Philippino prison is still a sight to behold. A relentlessly tight choreography and precise dancing hails this as an immense piece of work. We’re not sure whether the prisoners had a choice to participate but the video went viral in 2007 and there is a detailed synopsis in the video details explaining why the performance was put together

No. 16

The TopSecret team are huge fans of Improv Everywhere a performance company in the USA. Like us, they were performing flash mobs before the term was even coined. Back in 2002 they started their ‘No Pants Subway Rides’ which turned out to be an annual event, No explanation is required but the video is definitely worth a watch as it shows how far society has come since then. There are many nude flash mobs all over the world but Improv Everywhere got into hot water from travelling the subway without any trousers on.


Some of our crew actually took part in the Big Dance’s Buckingham Palace flashmob in 2011. Over 100 people participated in the routine to celebrate Young People in the Performing Arts hosted by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. Just one of our many London flash mobs.


Improv Everywhere enjoy their second entry in our top 20 list of best flash mobs ever. Part of their MP3 Experiment Series, they fed instructions to over 3,500 participants and what happened next was an outstanding exhibition of remote ‘choreography’ that was a sensational visual spectacle.

No. 13

Here is the first wedding proposal entry in our best flash mobs ever toplist. It’s impossible not to get a little emotional when watching Courtney & Alan’s engagement video. Where are the tissues?

No. 12

There have been lots of Star Wars themed flash mobs but our favourite is this stunning visual Freeze Mob in Times Square. The impeccable production was a real treat and engaged Star Wars fans worldwide. Created for the launch of the Star Wars: The Old Republic, this must have been amazing to watch or take part in as over 100 New Yorkers did. The atmosphere was spine tingling as well. Bravo!


Hats off to this Gangnam Style inspired flash mob performed by the Indonesian Army. We love military performances as they’re just so unexpected and these guys did an incredible job. Flash Mobbing is all about engagement, entertainment and enjoyment. This ticks every box.

No. 10

This is probably the best example of how a flash mob can transform the atmosphere in the most unexpected of environments. Gary & Tracy were having their formal wedding ceremony in church when – OMG – this happened! Just brilliant!

No. 9

Beyonce’s Single Ladies is another top track that we’ve used many times over for our marriage proposal flash mobs. In 2009 100 leotard clad dancers performed this iconic flashmob in Central London. It was slick, stylish and a perfect theme for a flashmob.

No. 8

We’d be crazy not to include the Official Bruno Mars Video to Marry You. Surely, the most used soundtrack to flash mob proposals everywhere, the superstar is probably responsible for thousands of engagements worldwide by writing this song. It’s a brilliant track and we’re still asked to use it for engagements today.

No. 7

Although not quite a flash mob in it’s truest form this video definitely warrants inclusion for the sheer number of participants. Back in 2009, Mexico City saw 13, 997 people join in the world’s largest ever Thriller Dance. Just incredible!

No. 6

2010 saw the creation of the famous Hallelujah Chorus flash mob which took diners by surprise in an American food hall. The quality of singing was so accomplished. Spine tingling stuff!

No. 5

Who doesn’t love the band Queen? This  flash mob makes our best ever list as it is all about the music. A great flash mob grows to a climax and we love the way additional musicians came together in Switzerland to perform this outstanding version of Bohemian Rhapsody. The TopSecret team has done something similar as a Christmas performance at one of London’s top hotels so we know just how tricky it can be. Congratulations all round to everyone involved.

No. 4

Performed back in 2012, this amazing orchestral performance took place in Spain. The flash mob commenced with a little girl putting a coin into the hat of a busker. What happened next looked totally organic yet we know that hours and hours of preparation were involved to make this one of best musical flashmobs in our list. Surprisingly, this followed a similar performance on Copenhagen’s subway just a few days before. We’re not quite sure who had the idea first but they were both fantastic. At the time of posting, the video racked up an incredible 72 million hits making it one of the best flash mobs of all time!

No. 3

This has to be one of the best flash mobs ever and we never tire of watching it. This ultra stylish and stunning piece of logistics saw Isaac propose to his girlfriend with a little help from his friends & family. The vision to create this is extraordinary and is one of our all-time favourite flash mobs ever with over 31 million hits and counting. Super romantic – complete genius!

No. 2

It’s hard to do anything but marvel at the elegance, dynamism and sheer inventiveness of this amazing Dutch flash mob. Sure, it doesn’t have the same amount of hits as many of our featured best flash mobs ever but for creativity, drama, cultural ingenuity and logistical expertise, this is our second favourite flashmob of all time. and just misses out on the top spot.

No. 1

Undoubtedly one of the most famous flash mobs worldwide was the T-Mobile Dance performed at St Pancras Station, London in 2009. A cast of over 400 dancers bring the station to a standstill with one of the most natural looking flashmobs ever created. The performance took weeks to organise and co-ordinate and is a stunning example of superb planning and logistics. Every year TopSecret is asked to provide flash mobs for PR at London’s train terminals. This video is the reason why and has also become the bane of security staff at London’s stations. It launched the flash mob phenomenon and is still recognised as one of the most successful PR campaigns ever. Ask anyone if they’ve seen the T-Mobile Dance flash mob and you’ll be amazed how many people say yes. Brand awareness is king and the mobile phone company absolutely nailed this so, in our view, this is our number flash mob ever.  Congratulations!

Whilst none of our flash mobs appear in the world’s best flash mobs ever, we think one does deserve an honorary mention purely for Gabby’s amazing reaction during Steve’s surprise wedding proposal.

TopSecretAgent provide professional flash mobs for PR, Promotions, Parties & Proposals. The team have been doing this since 2009 and our performers have been part of many of the UK’s best flashmobs. If you’d like to discuss your forthcoming campaign or celebration then drop us a line and let’s make something incredible happen.

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