Corporate Flash Mobs


Surprise supplies…

Parties are a great opportunity to include an exciting flash mob especially if you’re hiring a venue for your celebrations. Our team can go undercover as waiters, staff or guests and provide a stunning performance to your choice of music. We can provide dance flash mobs, ones which include some of our talented singers and bands or even a combination of both.

Create your own or book a mini mobRehearsals

Alternatively, you could arrange your own flash mob and have fun choreographing a great routine to add that surprise element to your party. If you need some professional input then why not book our ‘Mini Mob’ option which includes a professional choreographer to teach a routine with a couple of our superb dancers. It’s an opportunity to do something quite different and you can then perform your own flash mob when you’re ready.

Team building

Our corporate flash mob experience is bags of fun and ideal for team building events. The workshops bring people together, help with key skills for the workplace and, best of all, participants can take the routine away to perform in front of colleagues at a later date. Delegates will be invited to exchange ideas about the various elements for your flash mob production and performance. Our choreographer will ensure everyone has a good time and, ideally, leave everyone with a 3-4 minute routine to perform at a later date. Prices start from £40 per participant (minimum of 10) plus studio hire and travel. Call for further information: 07533 108326



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