Fake Music Video Marriage Proposal


Little White Lies

Our new friends from Spain – Enne & Gan – took a trip on the London Eye with the TopSecret crew at the weekend. We explained to Gan that we had spare tickets and invited them to join us in a private pod. They accepted of course – who wouldn’t? Whilst in the queue we told them that we were shooting a promotional video and hoped they didn’t mind. They were a really lovely couple and said it was fine. Naturally, being TopSecret, we had designed a ‘fake music video’ marriage proposal and Enne was in on the whole thing.

Back in April, Enne got in touch with TopSecretAgent asking to help surprise his partner of 13 years with a special marriage proposal. He would be bringing Gan to London for just a few days and wanted to include a couple of his favourite songs in his proposal on the London Eye. We discussed our secret singers proposal option and devised a devious plan that would allow us to film everything without raising any suspicion. Enne loved it and we spent the next few months discussing the finer details whilst he was travelling around the world.

When the day finally arrived, Enne was very nervous and excited. He’d arranged to take Gan to the theatre before walking over to the South Bank as planned. Everything went perfectly and it’s pretty clear from the video that Gan had no idea what was in store. Our fantastic singers performed The Best by the Foo Fighters, Whitney’s Wanna Dance With Somebody, Must Be love by Madness and, of course, the proposal favourite Marry You by Bruno Mars.

London Eye Surprise Marriage Proposal

We loved creating this fake music video marriage proposal for Enne & Gan. If you’re thinking about popping the question and need a little help or inspiration then get in touch – we make good things happen.


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