Fantasy Wedding Proposal


Fantasy Wedding Proposal

Perfect for the adventurous type who would like to propose dressed as a Knight in shining armour, in uniform like Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman’, in Period Costume or even something off the wall like ‘Shrek’. The TopSecret Team love dressing up (especially Jay who got married as Henry VIII at his stunning Tudor Wedding). Perhaps you do too? Even if you don’t this London Proposal Package will look amazing on camera and give your partner the opportunity to dress up for a gorgeous surprise proposal. We’ll arrange costumes to be delivered to an address of your choice and TopSecret will provide detailed instructions so as not to spoil the surprise.
Fantasy Wedding Proposal
Each fantasy wedding proposal package includes a charming scenario based on your chosen theme for the ultimate engagement at your preferred wedding proposal location. TopSecret will provide an irresistible invitation for your partner to meet you and can even prepare a tailored proposal script to suit your character should you need one.

Fantasy Wedding Proposal

An Ideal proposal Package for:

Our Fantasy Wedding Proposal really popular with all of our couples. It’s particularly enjoyable if you describe your partner as:
Creative, Flamboyant, Romantic, Wild Child, Loves Attention

Package includes:Up to 2 x Premium Costumes, 1 x TopSecret Co-ordinator, Luxury Bouquet of Flowers, Photographs, Filming & Video.

Price: From £649

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