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Flash Mob Consultants

For a detailed analysis you may prefer to consider a flash mob consultancy with one of our experts. There can be a lot to consider when hiring a flash mob for your forthcoming event or project – especially when dealing with larger budgets or International performances. We’ll all need to explore logistics and planning and, as TopSecretAgent has provided flash mobs for just about every type of event, you’re already in safe hands. We offer a free telephone consultation on enquiry and one of our knowledgeable team will take information about your event and make recommendations based on the information provided. We can talk you through the process, our requirements and ideas to help create the perfect performance. 

Book A Flash MobSome larger projects need a more hands on approach such as legal practicalities and site visits. TopSecret have a completely ethical approach to our work and understand the law, permissions required, music licences, safety aspects and we can offer professional advice for you and your team during a flash mob consultation. We’ll discuss your project in depth, identify your hopes and dreams and offer practical solutions as to how we can realise your vision. 

Our Flash Mob Consultancy

A consultation with one of our experts can save a huge amount of time, resources, money and also fast-track your project if you’re on a tight deadline. All meetings are in complete confidence and we’ll be happy to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if required. We’ll meet you and your team for up to 3 hours during which we can discuss ideas, locations, logistics and answer the burning questions you may have. The Q&A opportunity  allows us all to gather further information so we can do any research and work towards a successful project.

The fee for our flash mob consultancy is £150 plus travel from London. 

The TopSecret team have been involved in some of the largest and most innovative flash mob performances and our client list includes global brands such as BT, BBC, Shell, Amazon, Akzo Nobel, Oxfam, Walkers Crisps and many others. Give us a call and let’s make something amazing happen.

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