Flash Mob Dancers


Flash Mob Dancers

TopSecretAgent has been at the forefront of the UK flashmob scene since they began. Having produced incredible performances for television commercials, PR stunts and unforgettable proposals, parties & weddings, we simply love, love, love what we do. Our professional flash mob dancers have been featured on ITV, BBC news and even in The Times Newspapers.

Every event we plan includes a cool, clean, positive concept to maximise the impact of the performance. The TopSecret event co-ordinators help bring the concept to life during the planning stages and our trained flash mob dancers are highly experienced in delivering the ultimate surprise whatever the environment.

Wedding Proposal Flash Mob Dancers

Our crew have performed so many beautiful engagement proposals and we’ve loved every single one. We’ve provided professional dancers for sensational high energy routines comprising of sophisticated choreography and included break dancers, street, jazz, lyrical, tap and many other dance styles. It’s always a treat to be part of and also watch as we can film and edit videos for every event so you get to watch it time and again. Check out some of our most recent flash mob proposals.

Hire Flash Mob Waiters

Flash Mob Waiters

TopSecretAgent is the original company that started the surprise dancing staff for parties and functions. Our talented crew of flash mob dancers go undercover as waiters before a sensational performance that creates an electric atmosphere. We’ve set the benchmark in the success of this act and have received unrivalled feedback at every performance. Check out our flash mob waiters

Assisted Flash Mobs

We’re often requested to add our expertise to companies wanting to perform a flashmob as part of their marketing. We’ve helped charities, international brands and staff teams pull off some amazing performances using just a few of our professional flash mob dancers and our talented choreographers. We can provide video tutorials in advance and arrange  rehearsals prior to the exciting performance at your chosen location. Check out some of our recent PR flash mobs

Reasons To Hire Flash Mob Dancers With TopSecretAgent

  • Our concepts and co-ordination are second to none. A designated co-ordinator is assigned to each flashmob performance. They will liaise, design and support each event and ensure it’s success.
  • We only use professional flash mob dancers to guarantee the quality of the performance. We don’t believe in using amateur dancers for flashmobs as it can compromise the overall performance and they are prone to last minute drop outs.
  • All of our performances are covered by contract. You get what you pay for and, as TopSecretAgent has such a huge crew of professional dancers, we can always deliver in any eventuality.
  • We love what we do and hope that our passion for performance, surprise and entertainment comes through at every event.

Contact us to hire our flash mob dancers – let’s make something amazing happen!

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