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Everything you need to know about hiring a flash mob

What is a flash mob?
A group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.

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Are flash mobs legal in the UK?
Yes as long as you respect the people and location for every performance. We believe it’s important to respect the laws of the land so some environments are not ideal to perform in. You may need permission to perform in certain places like shopping centres, airports or private land such as London’s Covent Garden to avoid the event being interrupted by security or officials.
How large a flash mob do I need?
This really depends on what kind of impact you want for your event. If it’s for a proposal, a birthday or a personal greeting then one or two singers could be enough. Some of the best flash mobs have a cast of hundreds. We recommend a minimum of 6 – 8 dancers to achieve a visual impact. We can provide any number of performers dependent on the space and budget restrictions.
How much does it cost to hire a flash mob?
Everything we do is bespoke for each event so it’s difficult to answer this. The majority of our performances for smaller events such as flash mob marriage proposals start from around £1000 and the sky is the limit for large events with a cast of 100’s. Remember, the fee covers not just the performance but the rehearsals, choreography, studio fees, bespoke music mix and more. Filming the flash mob usually costs extra.

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How long does it take to organise a flash mob?
Some of the world famous flash mobs like the T-Mobile dance took months to plan. Smaller projects can take just a couple of weeks depending on the complexity. We need enough time to plan, co-ordinate and rehearse so a minimum of 2 x weeks notice is required for smaller events.
What is involved in creating a flash mob?
ChecklistIn a nutshell: Performers, talent, logistics, creativity and money.

  1. TopSecret has a huge network of performers which is essential in delivering flash mobs for all the enquiries we receive.
  2. We also haves connections with 100’s of sensational musicians, singers and entertainers as well as amazing dancers so we can create some totally unique flash mobs and put even bigger smiles on faces.
  3. We’ll look at all the logistics for each event from environmental to technical to ensure the best possible results on the day.
  4. We’ll be happy to implement your vision or you can make use of our creative team who will be delighted to design a vision unlike no other.
Who provides the music?
Our tech wizards can create any sound track for a flash mob from any genre of music. We find a mix of 1 – 5 songs work best. If you’re providing the music we’ll need to listen to it before confirming a booking so we can check with choreographers.

One the day, we’ll provide the equipment required to play the sound track. For larger events we may need to bring in a larger system and conceal it. We’ll provide the sound track to your DJ for performances in a venue for a wedding or party.

How do I hire a flash mob?
Our TopSecret Agents will be delighted to discuss your project. Call us: 0203 686 5663 or visit our hire a flash mob page.
Can I hire a flash mob for a marriage proposal?
Engagement ProposalYes you can. Flash Mob proposals are one of our favourite themes and we’d love to discuss your ideas. TopSecret call these ‘Yes Mobs’ and we have a 100% success rate. We surpass your expectations and do everything we can to help achieve the right result.

Call us: 0203 686 5663 or visit our hire a flash mob page.

I need an outdoor flash mob. What happens if it rains?
We’ll get wet – a little rain never hurt anyone.
Do you only provide flash mobs?
Our talent pool 100’s of superb performers from the world of entertainment. We can provide dancers, singers, live music, lookalikes, walkabout entertainers and more. Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.
How do I join a flash mob?
Take PartSearch online for flash mobs in your local area or contact the organisers of one you might have seen. We love to hear from performers and enthusiasts who like to make good things happen.

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