Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Videos


Flash mob marriage proposal videos

Ahh, the romance of it all! People everywhere are expressing their delight to the world with their special engagement plans. Hiring a flash mob to help create that special moment is a wonderful experience and the web has made it so easy to share the proposal with people all over the world. We hope the flash mob marriage proposal videos here provide some ideas and inspiration – please check out our other flash mob videos for different events.

Can TopSecretAgent help with my marriage proposal?

Yes – we’d love to! Flash Mob proposals are one of our favourite themes and we’d love to discuss your ideas and see what kind of performance you’d like – romantic, high energy, something fun or something unique designed around your history together. We call our flash mobs for marriage proposals ‘Yes Mobs’ as we have a 100% success rate and have loved doing every one of them. We’ll surpass your expectations and do everything we can to help achieve the right result. Here are just a few of our flash mob marriage proposal videos:

This beautiful marriage proposal made the news in Australia and is one of our favourite London flash mob proposals

A stunning surprise flash mob for Gabby as Steve brings in friends & family from all over the world to suprise his partner. Check out her amazing reaction to this flash mob wedding proposal video. Read the full story of their Wedding Proposal Flashmob Clapham Common

Another London Flash Mob Proposal performed by the Thames. James & Gemma’s friends came along to make it a superb celebration. Read the full story of their London Flash Mob Proposal


The team loved this proposal and couldn’t have wanted anything better for this lovely couple on their engagement on Londons’ South Bank. A unique flash mob wedding video. Read the full story of their Gay Wedding Proposal


Despite the awful weather, we really enjoyed this Military Flash Mob Proposal in London. With only a weeks notice we put together an Office and a Gentleman style performance that would melt any girls heart. Read the full story of their Military Flash Mob Proposal


This romantic All of Me marriage proposal was put together with just a few days notice. All Of Me was their song and Sam loved the idea of booking a beautiful restaurant for the proposal. We suggested a few options and he just loved this one. Read the full story of their Romantic Wedding Proposal


We had a blast creating this flash mob proposal at Leicester Square. We arranged for the client to have some rehearsal time with our dancers after learning the choreography we uploaded online. They were both so happy and it was lovely to share their special moment with them. Read the full story of their Leicester Square Flash Mob Proposal


Despite the freezing cold weather, this Flash Mob Proposal at St Pauls was one of favourites. We prepared a video tutorial for friends and family to learn in advance and you’ll see how emotional everyone was when they joined in half way through. Another John Legend soundtrack – we think he knows how to write a good tune. Read the full story of their St Paul’s Flash Mob Proposal


Endless Possibilities

Of course, everyone loves a dancing flash mob but that is just one option we can help with. Many of our flash mob marriage proposals have incorporated live music to help pop the question and we have 100’s of great options to suit the occasion ranging from marching bands to great singers, musicians and tribute acts who all love to help spread the love. We have 100% success rate so why not get in touch to hire a flash mob to help secure a “Yes” from your beloved.


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Need Some Inspiration?

Here are a few of our favourite flash mob marriage proposals from around the world.


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