Flash Mob Wedding Proposal St Paul’s


Flash Mob Wedding Proposal St Paul’s, London

David wanted to add a surprise element to his engagement and got in touch with TopSecret to create a very special flashmob. He’d always promised he’d pop the question to his partner Angie with a bang and we loved creating this gorgeous flash mob wedding proposal St Paul’s in London.

The location had a special meaning to them so it was an obvious location. David discussed ideas for the music mix with Angies’ daughters and they came up with fab suggestions which we mixed together before choreographing the routine for our professional dancers. We also learned that the girls attended weekly dance classes so we asked if they would like to be involved. Of course they said yes! Our choreographer Julie designed a super routine for them to learn in secret and, you’ll see in the video – they were fantastic. 

Flash Mob Wedding Proposal St Paul's

The family managed to keep the secret for five weeks. Angie had no idea and, when the girls went over to watch the performance she thought it was perfectly natural as they loved dancing. Her reaction when they joined in was brilliant.

TopSecret created a really emotional wedding proposal here a few years ago and we didn’t think we’d top that. This flash mob wedding proposal St Paul’s, was terrific, too and the whole family said they will remember it for years to come. We filmed it for them so they can watch the video time and again.

Flash Mob Wedding Proposal St Paul's

If you’d like us help with a flash mob proposal St Pauls, London or anywhere else, then drop us a line below. TopSecret is the UKs busiest flash mob company and an expert marriage proposal planner

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