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You’ll already know how successful flash mobs have been for advertising and PR. They get people talking. A great campaign combining social media and sharing platforms can make a flash mob video go viral and few other marketing techniques can do this. TopSecret is a flash mob PR company and our clients hire us to increase their company profile, help change public reaction or increase sales. The TopSecret team have worked with some incredible International brands such as Coca Cola, Walkers Crisps, Interflora and many of our performers have taken part in a few of the most successful UK flash mobs of all time.

Animal Welfare Flash Mob

Read the full story of our Animal Welfare Flash Mob For The Humane League >>>

Tezenis London Christmas Campaign

Read the full story of our Christmas Campaign for Tezenis London >>>

Pension Geeks Flash Mob:

Fab Ice Lolly Promotion:

Read the full story of our Fab Ice Lolly Flash Mob >>>

Trump V Clinton Flash Mob

A US Election 2106 special. A PR event for Camp America which attracted huge exposure in the media. Read more >

Superhero Flash Mob

Superhero Flash Mob


A PR stunt at Birmingham NEC as part of Learning Heroes e-learning campaign. Read more >

Rio2016 Flash Mob

A thought-provoking Samba Drumming flash mob for AmnestyUK that attracted a lot of interest from the media. Read more >

Disney Flash Mob

We were delighted to provide a Disney inspired flash mob for Interflora as a birthday surprise to one of their nominated customers. Read more >

Venice Flash Mob

One of our highlights in 2014 was providing a flash mob for Johann Cruyff foundation in association with Akzo Nobel in Italy. Read more about our Venice Flash Mob.

Birmingham Flash Mob for the CWU

TopSecretAgent provided a flash mob to raise awareness of the CWU campaign in the Midlands which Jeremy Corbyn attended. Read more >

It all starts with a chat…

You may already have a clear vision for your project or perhaps you’re looking for advice or inspiration. Our creative team have loads of ideas in the pipeline and can provide traditional and provocative suggestions to suit your flash mob campaign. We’re very comfortable working with agencies / media professionals and love the buzz in taking concepts to reality through our performances.

If you know exactly what you want then let’s talk. We can usually deliver to clients’ exact specifications. If not, we’ll tell you why and make recommendations. Most things are possible.

We’d love to hear your ideas and discuss possibilities. Let’s create a unique performance to thrill, entertain or even puzzle audiences. Let’s cause a stir and get people talking. We make good things happen.

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