Flash Mobs For Weddings


A wedding flash mob – unforgettable entertainment!

A flash mob is probably one of the most entertaining experiences around and they’re ideal for anyone wanting to inject even more excitement on their special day. TopSecretAgent love, love creating unique flash mobs for weddings and they will stun your guests, create an incredible atmosphere and be a lasting memory to treasure.

Many couples plan their own flash mobs for weddings. You’ll need a little time, imagination and some enthusiastic guests. It’s a blast and we encourage everyone to give it a try as you’ll have bags of fun. For many couples, their hectic lives mean they can’t allocate the time needed for rehearsals. If you’re super busy, too shy or think you have two left feet then get in touch and we’ll provide an unforgettable flash mob for your big day.

Here’s a perfect example of how you can incorporate a flash mob into your wedding service – with a little help from your reverend or registrar:

Flash Mob Waiters

The ultimate way to pack the dance floor. Your guests will be totally surprised when our  undercover waiters suddenly burst into a sensational routine. The atmosphere is electric and is the perfect way to get the evening party started. We can even choreograph a routine for you to join in with for an incredible alternative to the usual wedding first dance. Read more >

Flash Mob Surprise for the groom / bride

First Dance Flash Mob:

Lots of wedding couples want to do something different for their first dance and a popular request is to incorporate a wedding flash mob. Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when the first dance develops into something quite unexpected. Popular performances include the Thriller flash mob, a high energy chart-topping routine or, perhaps, you have a special song that you’d like to incorporate?

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