Gay Wedding Proposal


Gay Wedding Proposal

This was TopSecret’s first Gay Wedding Proposal and it was beautiful! Jilly arranged to take her long-term partner out for a romantic walk along the Southbank, London. She had organised a beautiful surprise for Jackie with TopSecretAgent and, although Jackie suspected something, she had no idea what.

Jilly had been in discussion with TopSecretAgent for a couple of weeks and they came up with the unique idea of having a street artist pretend to do a portrait whilst she was with her partner on the South Bank in London. TopSecret commissioned a portrait in advance as there wouldn’t be enough time to paint a portrait for the wedding proposal. Instead, the street artist prepared a canvas with the words “Will you marry me” for Jilly to give to Jackie.

Gay Wedding Proposal

Although Jackie suspected something was afoot that afternoon, she didn’t know exactly what Jilly & TopSecretAgent had been planning. Her reaction was lovely and they both thought the portrait was a beautiful touch to remind them of their unique afternoon.

Jilly & Jackie had their Civil Partnership a few years ago before same sex marriage was introduced. In February 2016 Jilly decided she wanted to be legally married to Jackie and TopSecret is very proud to have helped make this gay wedding proposal such a memorable event.

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We’d love to hear from you if you’re planning on popping the question and need an inspirational performance to make it a super-special occasion. TopSecretAgent has all the experience needed to create, design and produce memorable flash mobs and performances and, as we only use professional artists, the success of the performance is guaranteed although we can’t guarantee a Yes. Saying that, we do currently have a 100% success rate with wedding proposals which is why we call them ‘”Yes Mobs’. It all starts with a chat and we look forward to hearing from you.


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