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Geek Flash Mob: Nerdtastic!

The TopSecret crew had a lot of fun performing a totally goofy geek flash mob for Pension Geeks last week. The performance took place on the South Bank, London and, it’s probably fair to say, pensions became super-cool for a couple of hours that afternoon!

Pension Geeks contacted us back in July 2017 looking for a fun way to capture the public’s imagination for their UK tour working in conjunction with the DWP and some of their sponsors including Scottish Widows. The company has a really strong brand image and it was obvious this would be a fun event. Who wouldn’t want to see a geek flash mob?

Our fab choreographer Julie created an amazing routine and, as always, the crew looked incredible. What started as a deliberately awkward pair of nerds exploring London on a sunny afternoon transformed into a totally hip, funky performance with 10 of our super-talented professional dancers. The public loved it! As did all the important people from the various pension companies, government and Pension Geeks bosses.

Geek Flash Mob Gallery:

TopSecret is the UK’s leading flash mob company and we love what we do. It’s unlikely you’re looking for a geek flash mob – if you are – nerdtastic! Our amazing team will be delighted to discuss your forthcoming project. 

There is no limit to the possibilities so, whether you’re looking for a traditional feel good, exciting, flash mob or need to convey a serious message about your product, campaign or charity, TopSecretAgent have the skills and experience to realise any flashmob production subject to budget and time frame. Let’s talk and see if we can make your next event impossible to forget.

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