Greatest Showman Flash Mob


The Best Greatest Showman Flash Mobs

The Greatest Showman was probably the number one musical hit sensation of 2017! It follows PT Barnum and how he came to be such a successful circus entrepreneur. The film includes some  amazing songs which have been performed by fans around the world putting on their very own Greatest Showman flash mob which we’ll come to shortly.

Before we bring you a round up of Greatest Showman flash mob performances, we’d like to introduce you to our sensational Secret Singers who, amongst other things, perform some of the best songs from the musical. They’ve been inundated with bookings not just for the show but also for enthusiasts who love the music and want to hire them for their parties, events and even their own bespoke marriage proposal. We’ll happily tailor a show to meet your requirements whether it’s to sing one or two of the songs or even pop the question during their hour long show. We can even add acrobats, fire breathers, stilt walkers and more to complete the circus theme and make sure you have the ultimate Greatest Showman wedding engagement.

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Greatest Showman Flash Mobs

20th Century Fox launched the film in the UK with this superb flash mob:

The students at this Toronto university burst into song during lectures:

This Greatest Showman flash mob happened in a cinema in Malaysia:

Whilst this isn’t a flash mob, we want to include this gem from an all female cast in Japan:

Feel free to send your recommendations in for your favourite Greatest Showman Flash Mob.


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