How To Organise A Flash Mob


How To Organise A Flash Mob

How Do I Organise A Flash Mob

Not everyone has the budget to hire a flash mob from expert companies like TopSecretAgent. All of our events are performed by professionally trained dancers, musicians, choreographers etc so we do command a fee to ensure the success of each event. However, your event can be amazing with a committed team of volunteers and we absolutely encourage anyone to organise a flash mob. It’s a lot of fun, totally rewarding and fantastic for creating a buzz amongst friends, club members and colleagues. Our article How To Organise A Flash Mob may help with your forthcoming event. If you’d like our professional services then get in touch.

Step By Step Guide To Planning A Flash Mob

  1. Choose a great song or download a medley of tracks. We find it’s well received if the music is upbeat and exciting. You may even find some video tutorials online for a particular song. Try searching for one before you start (Search “song name dance tutorial”) – it will make everything a lot easier if you don’t have someone to do your choreography for your flash mob
  2. Create a buzz. Sell the idea to everyone you’d like to be involved. Some people will be really excited – others may need some encouragement
  3. Check to see how many people would be happy to take part. You’ll want to ensure you have at least 6 or more volunteers or it might look a bit thin
  4. Start a Facebook Group for your flash mob. Mark the group as private so only people you add can see it. This is a great way of sharing ideas, video tutorials and info to all who take part
  5. Rehearse. Everyone involved can learn the routine remotely once you have shared the dance tutorial video. Let everyone know when they have to learn this by and then put a date in the diary for everyone to come to a rehearsal. You can then learn it all together in a park, a community centre or sports hall and iron out any issues.
  6. Choose a date and location to perform your flash mob. You can perform on any public land. Getting permission to perform on private land like shopping centres and train stations can be hard work so choose a town centre, a party, a park or somewhere suitable. Check the local papers or the internet to make sure your flash mob won’t clash with anything else.
  7. Equipment. You’ll need to be able to play the music you’re performing to. A good boogie box, a DJ’s equipment or a portable PA will be needed. One of you may be a budding videographer so see who can film it for you. Use a mobile phone if you can’t get hold of some professional video equipment
  8. Have fun. Keep the buzz going before the performance and you’ll have a blast. Everyone will love performing in the flash mob! Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. Just have a go. 

If you need any more help on how to organise a flash mob then drop us an email.

We’d love to see your flash mob so send us a link to any footage you have and we’ll leave some great feedback for you.

Some events are too important to rely on volunteers. Our network of super talented performers combined with our expert flash mob design and production experience means your event is in safe hands. If you’d prefer to book a professional flash mob then let’s discuss your forthcoming project – we make good things happen.



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