International Proposal Planner


International Proposal Planner

To celebrate National Proposal Day we thought we’d reflect on some of the beautiful engagements we’ve helped with over the last few years. TopSecret creates incredible flash mobs & surprises for engagements and other events. We’ve done the maths and discovered that nearly 30% of our proposals are from overseas couples making us a favourite International proposal planner with so many couples. Here’s a look back at a few of the amazing marriage proposals we created last year.

Joseph and his partner Monica flew over to Europe from Australia for a special trip. He planned on popping the question in London so asked for some help from his family. Mum, Claire, hired International Proposal Planner TopSecret to create something really beautiful for them. Our gorgeous ballerina Sophie started the performance and what happened next was amazing. This Australian couple brought London to a standstill for a few minutes – all in the name of romance, of course! Josephs’ sister Lea and cousin Paige also flew over without anyone knowing and sported two of our Will You Marry Me T-Shirts to add to the excitement. Everyone absolutely loved creating this stunning flash mob wedding proposal in Piccadilly, London. Jospeh & Monica’s song is Smoke Filled Room by American band Mako and TopSecret arranged a special message from bandleader Alex to add to the surprise. 

Victor contacted International Proposal Planner TopSecret to plan a special marriage proposal to his partner Isadora. This Brazilian based couple travelled to London for some sightseeing in the capital and had a trip on the London Eye so we arranged a surprise flash mob with our amazing singers. A genuinely beautiful couple.

Clapham Common was treated to a surprise flash mob proposal for Steve and his now fiancee Gabrielle. The pair live in Dubai but found love in London four years ago when they got together on the common. Every element of the proposal had meaning. The yellow outfits captured Gabrielle’s bright personality, the pineapples represented her favourite fruit and her dog was the ring bearer which made the whole day something to remember. Friends & family travelled from all over the country and from abroad to be there. Her father even flew in from Egypt for the big day – you’ll see how much that meant to her. Watch her reaction when she sees her friends & family!

International Proposal Planner TopSecretAgent create an unforgettable afternoon for this romantic Indian couple. A mystery adventure, a flash mob and secret singer make for this perfectly tailored romantic journey culminating in his surprise marriage proposal.

This gorgeous couple flew over from Cyprus for some sightseeing and an unforgettable moment in London. They stopped off in Spitalfields for a romantic birthday surprise with his partner Panayiota. What happened next was just beautiful.

International proposal planner TopSecret create tailored surprises for marriage proposals and more. We’ll be delighted to design an unforgettable experience for you and your partner in the UK or overseas. We’ll take care of all the little details and help get the ‘Yes’ you deserve. Talk to one of he friendly TopSecret team or drop us a line and let’s see if we can make something amazing happen.


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