Leicester Square Flash Mob Proposal


Leicester Square Flash Mob Proposal

In November 2015, husband D contacted our sister site – Book Live Music & Entertainment – asking if we could provide a really special surprise. He and his wife N were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and he wanted to make it memorable for for years to come. D, regretted not getting engaged the traditional way when he first proposed to his fiancee and, to make amends, he decided he’d have another go with a wonderful Leicester Square Flash Mob Proposal.

We talked D through the process from planning to all the undercover shenannigans and he couldn’t wait! Once he’d confirmed the songs to include on the night we started work as it was quite a tight timeframe. Originally D had booked six of our professional dance team and a couple of days later decided to really push the boat out and doubled the numbers. Whats more D wanted to be part of it and we love that!

With the choreography designed to the chosen music, we uploaded a video tutorial for D to learn remotely. He also requested a quick rehearsal before the performance and, we have to say, he looked pretty damned cool! Even their two lovely children took part. Mum was super-proud although could barely see for crying with happiness.

It was a little unfortunate that the date of the flash mob proposal wasn’t ideal for all the friends and family but his wife was so overwhelmed on the night it didn’t matter so much. We managed to organise the performance from enquiry to performance in just two weeks complete with bespoke choreography, rehearsals and all the organising we do behind the scenes. We usually like a minimum of 3 x weeks but do our best to help if we have availability of performers.

Top Secret Agent Flash Mob

D had asked us to film the event as well and we brought in our video guys to capture the proposal so they have proof that D eventually managed to go down on one knee. We loved this flash mob and wish them both many more happy years together.

If you’d like help to plan your flash mob then drop us an enquiry and we’ll do our best to inspire you or work to your vision for a superb performance that you’ll never forget.


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