Marriage Proposal Ideas


Marriage Proposal Ideas

Congratulations! You’re likely here because you’re looking to get engaged in the near future. We hope our Top 10 list of amazing marriage proposal ideas might inspire you to do something unique, surprising and incredible to make your engagement absolutely unforgettable. These include some of the beautifully crafted proposals that TopSecret has created for couples over the last few years ranked by popularity.

1: Secret Singers Marriage Proposal Idea

Secret Singers Proposal Package

Our incredible Secret Singers are our most popular marriage proposal package and is a perfect option for romantic couples. Creating an incredible atmosphere and performing any song of your choice, our hugely talented performers will set the tone for your engagement and serenade you just before you propose making it an emotionally charged and sincere proposal that is always memorable. Favourite proposal songs are the ever popular Thinking Out Loud, Perfect, All Of You and many more, however, we’ll be delighted to perform any song of your choice with 1 – 5 of our Secret Singers.

For that element of surprise we’ll create the perfect reveal so your partner doesn’t suspect a thing. We’re usually able to perform in any number of scenarios whether it be a private capsule on the London Eye, an intimate engagement in one of the capital’s finest restaurants or a romantic performance in any of London’s beautiful parks. If you’d like us to perform somewhere that’s special to you as a couple then let us know and we’ll be able to advise. This is our most popular marriage proposal idea and pricing starts from just £575 including flowers, photos, video and an always brilliant performance with the TopSecret singers

2: Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Idea

Marriage Proposal Ideas: Flash Mob Proposal

Our second most popular engagement package is a stunning marriage proposal flash mob . Designed for the ultimate surprise, our crew of 6 – 40 professional dancers will deliver the most amazing performance as a prequel to your proposal. Everything is perfectly tailored to you from the incredible soundtrack featuring your preferred proposal song, bespoke choreography and the stunning reveal that will make everyone’s hearts melt. All of our flash mobs include Will You Marry Me T-Shirts, flowers, surprises, photos and a beautiful video to share with family and friends and watch time and again. With pricing starting from just £1800 there is no other company that offers what we do for the price. You’ll find lots of our incredible flash mob proposals throughout our website and youtube channel

3: London Eye Marriage Proposal Idea

London Eye Proposal Packages

With such an incredible view over the capital, our London Eye Proposal Package remains a firm favourite with our UK and International clients. In fact, more people from overseas book this for their trip than any of our amazing options making this the Number 1 marriage proposal idea for tourists. Combining our professional expertise and enviable reputation to make our in-depth planning seem like the most natural encounter, your partner won’t have a clue that you’re proposing until the final seconds. As always with our Secret Singers you choose any song of your choice for the proposal (subject to timeframe). We’ll add a surprise for afterwards and ensure the whole experience is one of the best moments ever.

Our fees for the London Eye Proposal Package start from just £1015 including the private capsule fee, flowers, photos, video and an unforgettable experience for you both. Quite simply, it’s one of the best marriage proposal ideas in the UK!

4: Mystery Adventure Marriage Proposal Idea

Mystery Adventure Proposal Experience

For those wanting a totally different marriage proposal idea that will completely throw your partner then this is for you! Set in the heart of London you and your partner solve clues that will lead you through the streets of the capital earning you clues, gifts and experiences and a proposal that they will never see coming. Not only is this one of our favourite marriage proposal ideas it’s also an extremely fun way to spend a couple of hours. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with London as one of the TopSecret team will be tracking your progress and texting additional clues if needed. Our Mystery Adventure Proposal combines all the fun of an escape room and a treasure hunt but with the addition of a unique finale that will leave your partner gobsmacked. Typically, the experience lasts around 90 minutes and involves walking around 1.5 miles. With pricing from just £425 this is one of our best value proposal packages – perfect for the curious and adventurous partner! This can also be combined with any of our other marriage proposal ideas.

5: Romantic Hotel Marriage Proposal Idea

Romantic Hotel Proposal Package

Ideal for couples who don’t want an audience, our romantic hotel proposal will create the perfect atmosphere. Your room will be beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, petals, gifts and surprises ready for your proposal when you arrive. This is a simple and perfectly designed option that requires up to 90 minutes to prepare and we’ll be delighted to take photos as you pop the question. It’s always a surprise due to the way we engage you on your return to your accommodation and is the perfect addition to your weekend retreat or visit. Prices start from just £399 making it the most affordable marriage proposal idea we offer.

6: London Helicopter Proposal Idea

Helicopter Proposal London

An incredible way to pop the question for so many couples is to get engaged overlooking the stunning sights of London. Our helicopter package is perfect for adventurous couples wanting to savour the sensational views over the capital and pop the question during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. With packages available in a shared flight with up to 4 other people or a private ride love will truly be in the air with this high flying marriage proposal idea. One of the brilliant TopSecret crew will meet and greet you on arrival and provide you with your personal proposal ‘kit’ before you go into your flight briefing ahead of your amazing helicopter tour. We’ll invite you to celebrate with photos and a bottle of bubbly afterwards. Prices start from just £949 per couple. This is a thrilling marriage proposal idea for those with a head for heights.

7: Magical Proposal Idea

Magical Proposal Package

Our Magical Proposal is one of our favourite engagement ideas and is becoming a firm favourite with our gorgeous couples in London. Set in a restaurant of your choice, our  jaw-dropping magicians perform close up magic to diners whilst you’re having a meal. They’ll gradually make their way to your table and amaze your partner with some incredible tricks before the magical moment they produce the ring for you to propose. It’s completely unexpected, perfectly romantic and is one of our most affordable options at just £399.

8: Deluxe Picnic Marriage Proposal Idea

Marriage Proposal Idea: Surprise Picnic

Perfect for summer proposals, this is one of the most unexpected marriage proposal ideas we offer. You make your plans and one of the TopSecret team will deliver a luxury (and we do mean luxury) hamper filled with gorgeous treats plus the ultimate surprise. Our TopSecret Hampers include gifts and surprises that you won’t find anywhere else including the most important Will You Marry Me gift. Enjoy the hamper at your leisure along with the bottle of champagne to celebrate after your proposal. Pricing is just £399 in London.

9: London Love Boat

Marriage Proposal Ideas: London Love Boat

What better way to pop the question than to speed along the Thames in a private water limo and take in the stunning views the capital has to offer. Enjoy a glass of bubbly as you take in the sights of the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, the beautiful bridges spanning the Thames before asking your partner to marry you. A perfect opportunity to take some stunning photos and the shiny new engagement ring! Prices start from just £899 for an incredible 1 hour tour in your private charter and is amongst the most sensational marriage proposal ideas for those who have never toured London from the river.

10: Bespoke Proposals

Marriage Proposal Ideas: Tailored To You

You may have a specific idea in mind for your marriage proposal. We’re all ears and would love to make it happen for you. We have years of experience helping romantic couples from around the world and, with our expert knowledge of London we’ll happily look at bringing your ideas to reality. Simply call us on +44 07533 108326 to discuss your forthcoming engagement and we’ll do our best to advise and make it a reality for you.

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