Oxford Circus Flash Mob | Tezenis London


Oxford Circus Flash Mob | Tezenis London

In November 2017 TopSecret was selected to promote the Tezenis London flagship store over two of the busiest weekends of the year. This global fashion and underwear brand was introduced in 2003 and gained a large part of the market because of its youthful, cosmopolitan and trendsetting profile. Flash mob promotions in the run up to Christmas would be a fresh way to promote the brand and our performances delighted thousands with our Oxford Circus flash mob campaign.

Oxford Circus Flash MobWe met with Tezenis to identify possibilities for both in store and outdoor promotions and confirmed a series of performances that would appeal to the the capital’s shoppers. Our talented team designed a dramatic performance for inside the store and a sensational Oxford Circus flash mob performance which was a huge success. Each was repeated throughout the day as well as interactive sets with the public resulting in some on point visuals for the video we produced to be played on their huge in store screens. The whole TopSecet team and Tezenis management were delighted seeing the live and recorded version simultaneously.

Tezenis London

There were several logistics issues to consider throughout the project – not least was the practicality of performing Oxford Circus flash mob without upsetting busy shoppers. The consultation we had prior and multiple visits to check footfall at various times were paramount in the campaign’s success. It was also vital that our experienced choreographer Julie knew the area well and could create visuals that were both entertaining and practically safe for the TopSecret crew and public alike.

TopSecret is the UK’s leading flash mob company and we love what we do. Our amazing team will be delighted to discuss your forthcoming project. 

There is no limit to the possibilities so, whether you’re looking for a traditional feel good, exciting, flash mob or need to convey a serious message about your product, campaign or charity, TopSecretAgent have the skills and experience to realise any flashmob production subject to budget and time frame. Let’s talk and see if we can make your next event impossible to forget.

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