Rio2016 Flash Mob


Rio2016 Flash Mob

The Olympics is hailed as ‘The greatest show on earth’. This year the worlds’ greatest athletes converge in Rio De Janeiro to compete to be the fastest, highest, strongest. And the world will watch. Sadly, Rio’s story is tarnished by human suffering. AmnestyUK invited TopSecretAgent to help create a performance that was relevant to this years Olympic games. They wanted to highlight the atrocities that are commonplace in Brazil – specifically the brutality of police violence against black men in custody. According to Amnesty, over 150 people have been killed in custody in Brazilian jails this year already. A Rio2016 Flash Mob would add impact to their protest.

We needed to engage the public in a positive way to invite support and sign petitions for their campaign. Our Samba drumming team was an obvious choice to attract attention and use the Brazilian theme in an effective way. The Rio2016 flash mob was filmed by London Live and had significant press coverage throughout. Although TopSecretAgent is a non-political company, this was a cause that we felt important to participate in and we were delighted to take part.

Many thanks to the team at Topsecretuk. You were really great to work with and helped turn my vague ideas into a really fantastic looking (and sounding) campaign stunt. We drew in a big crowd, attracted some media coverage, and added about a 1000 signatures to our petition on police brutality in Rio. I’ll recommend you to colleagues for future campaign stunts.

Jonathon Cornejo, Amnesty UK

Rio2106 Flash Mob

From the Amnesty UK website:

People who’ve been peacefully protesting have been met with extreme police violence – some of them paying with their lives. With the world watching Brazil, sign the petition to the Justice Minister – ask him to stop letting the police get away with murder.

Rio2106 Flash Mob events from around the world:

500 Days until Rio2106:

A year until the Olympic Games: Rio2106:

The TopSecret team forward to enjoying the games and wish the GB team every success.

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