Shocking John Legend Proposal


Shocking John Legend Wedding Proposal

This was one of our favourite wedding proposals of the year. James wanted to surprise his partner Luke with an amazing scenario using the piano at St.Pancras station. He’d been practising the song “All of me” on a keyboard for a few days whilst Luke was out and asked TopSecret to help organise everything. This was a shocking John Legend wedding proposal as you’ll see in the above video. We love Luke’s reaction at 2 minutes 50 seconds into the video.

Nerves can be overwhelming for anyone wanting to pop the question. The lead up to any proposal is hard enough and the actual proposal can be so emotional that it puts paid to best laid plans. To cater for this situation we developed a romantic scenario with a professional pianist, the hugely talented Jack Parker and our client’s favourite string ensemble to remove the pressure on James. On the day, James’s nerves did almost get the better of him but he held it together beautifully. What happened next was really special.

Shocking Wedding Proposal


TopSecret helped co-ordinate friends and family to be there to witness their big moment as an additional surprise. Their reaction to this shocking John Legend wedding proposal was just perfect – there wasn’t a dry eye in the station!

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We’d love to hear from you if you’re planning on popping the question and need an inspirational performance to make it a super-special occasion. TopSecretAgent has all the experience needed to create, design and produce surprise engagements, memorable flash mobs and performances and, as we only use professional artists, the success of the performance is guaranteed although we can’t guarantee a Yes. Saying that, we do currently have a 100% success rate with wedding proposals which is why we call them ‘”Yes Mobs’. It all starts with a chat and we look forward to hearing from you.

We love helping couples with their secret wedding proposals and, although this wasn’t our first same sex engagement, we think it was definitely a contender for the most romantic one in 2017. If you’re thinking of popping the question, then get in touch and let us make good things happen for your surprise engagement.

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