Singing Telegrams London


Singing Telegrams London

We’re excited to announce that TopSecret are bringing back the singing telegram. For those of you old enough to remember – and some of us are – they were a big thing back in the day. Well, to add to the unforgettable undercover entertainment we already provide, we’ve brought them back so singing telegrams London are now a thing again – only better than ever!

Why Bring Back The Sing-A-Gram?

Singing Telegrams In London

Because they are such a great way of celebrating an achievement, a special occasion or just to let someone know you’re thinking about them. We make singing telegrams in London fun! We’ve sprinkled some of our TopSecret magic and tailor them to every client. Our incredible singers cover every music style from pop to opera, swing to tribute performances so we can deliver any song anywhere you like. What’s more, we’ll also deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers, your personal message, take some photos and leave a big smile as standard.

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Do You Only Supply Singing Telegrams In London?

TopSecret has amazing singers all over the country so we’re able to deliver any singagram to most places in England. As well as the capital, we can provide a singing telegram in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol – you name it and we’ll deliver!

Not only do we cover most of the country, we also provide some extraordinary performers. If you’d like something even more special, how about a Bowie-Gram, an Abba-Gram, a Tenor-Gram or even a Greatest-Showman-Gram. A What? You know – The Hugh Jackman guy in the film.

Head on over to our Singing Telegram page for more information and enquiry form or give us a call and let’s  make something amazing happen.

The TopSecret team is seriously talented. You may have even seen some of us on TV before. Amongst others, we’ve appeared on London Live, BBC, Loose Women and you’re in pretty good company when you book any of our undercover entertainment. Previous clients include TK Maxx, Coca Cola, Walkers, Oxfam, Shell, BT, ITV and many more and that’s not forgetting the 100’s of amazing private clients we’ve surprised over the last few years. In fact, TopSecret leads the way in undercover entertainment which is why the few other competitors we have seem to copy so much of what we do. We take it as a compliment. (Do we?! [editor]) Actually, yes…get your own ideas. We know you’re reading this! Waves…


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