St Paul’s Flash Mob Proposal


In February 2015, Jag contacted asking if we could create a romantic flash mob for him to propose to his fiancée Clare. We were, of course, delighted and we discussed some ideas and agreed that a St Paul’s  flash mob proposal may be the most romantic one we’ve done yet. As well as making it an unforgettable engagement, Jag also wanted to include some friends and family in the performance so we choreographed a routine and uploaded a video tutorial that they could learn remotely. We had just a couple of weeks to rehearse everything and arrange the finer details. As always, the time flew by…

On the 21st March, our team arrived at a freezing cold St Paul’s to meet the friends and family before allocating hiding places. We texted Jag to let him know we were all set and he set off from a local coffee bar with Clare. He was both excited and nervous and it was a privilege to witness another engagement.

On arrival, our photographer stopped them and asked if he would mind taking a picture and that’s when Clare’s favourite song started playing and the performance started.

St Pauls Flash Mob Proposal


John Legend’s track ‘All of me’ is beautiful and it wasn’t long before the tears started flowing and when the friends and family joined in it was just perfect. Of course, Clare said yes and Jag was so happy.

Thank you Jason and the team for making such a special moment out of this world for me and my Fiancée! It went perfectly and she was blown away by the surprise and the enormity of what we pulled off!

Best wishes for the future from all of the team!

The St Paul’s flash mob proposal is just one of many we’ve done in London. We’d love to be involved in your forthcoming plans. Contact us to hire a flash mob for an unforgettable experience – we make good things happen.

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