Top London Flash Mob Locations


Top London Flash Mob Locations

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and, with everything on offer, it’s little wonder that so many people and companies want to use it for a sensational backdrop to their flash mob campaign or flash mob wedding proposal. TopSecretAgent has provided flash mobs in many of the capitals’ best places. Here’s our list of Top London flash mob locations.

Flash Mob in Leicester Square

Leicester Square

Famous around the world, Leicester Square is one of the busiest thoroughfares in London. Renown for it’s cinemas, casinos and red carpet events it offers lots of space to perform in and great hiding places for everyone who is going to perform. The number one reason must surely be the sheer number of people who will engage with the performance either by day or by night. If you’re wanting a huge crowd to watch your flash mob then Leicester Square must be top of your list.

TopSecretAgent provided a superb flash mob for a client who wanted to pop the question to his wife – properly – some 10 years after they got married. Watch the video of our Leicester Square Flash Mob Proposal

Flash Mob at Harrods Knightsbridge

Flash Mob @ Harrods with TopSecetAgent

As one of the most famous shops in world, Harrods is a really popular destination for tourists and attracts thousands of visitors every day. With a constant flow of pedestrians and an enviable performance space outside it’s ideal for both flash mob dances and singers. We helped MDS with a charity flash mob recently.

Here’s a cute baby flash mob we did for a client who wanted to break her pregnancy news to her partner.

Flash Mob in Green Park Knightsbridge

Green Park LondonGreen Park is one of Londons’ many beautiful open spaces and is the main thoroughfare between Knightsbridge and Buckingham Palace. We’ve chosen this location due to it’s superb access by tube, huge performance space and the generous crowds who will soak up a flash mob performance. Perfect for summer proposals, the starting point for a cross London PR campaign or a rehearsal space for larger flash mob performances, Green Park is a superb venue which we’ve used for several flash mobs. Here’s a Flash Mob marriage proposal in Green Park we did several years ago.

Flash Mob on the South Bank

South Bank LondonWith miles of great eateries, cafes and bistros and a centre for many of Londons’ top must-visit places, the South Bank is a favourite London flash mob location. There are countless outdoor places along the Thames to perform from the Tate Modern to the Barbican or anywhere in between. We performed a Trump V Clinton flash mob by the Millenium Bridge in October. Here’s a sweet proposal in Wagamama restaurant by the South Bank Centre. Although the South Bank has loads of room for any size flash mob access by tube or train still isn’t great so be prepared for a little stroll if this is your preferred location.

Flash Mob on the London Eye

London Eye

Literally one of the top London flash mob locations, the London Eye offers superb views and a little privacy for those wanting to pop the question. There are fewer more spectacular ways to see London which is exciting enough. TopSecretAgent is always delighted to provide a musician or singer to help with your flash mob proposal and, fortunately, we have a 100% success rate for engagement proposals. Here’s a Thinking Out Loud London Eye proposal we arranged earlier in 2016. The 25 minute journey on the London Eye would be pretty awkward if the answer is no…can you imagine?!

Flash Mob at St Paul’s

St Pauls

There is some amazing space for performances around the cathedral and, as one of London’s most iconic landmarks, it’s a superb location to do a flash mob. With a guarantee of public attention and some lovely eateries nearby for participants to hang out in before or after the performance, St Paul’s comes highly recommended as one of the top London flash mob locations. Here’s a link to a St Paul’s flash mob proposal we did a couple of years ago.


The Best Places?

London tourist map

TopSecretAgent has performed at loads of venues, restaurants and hotels in London and we’re always keen to find top London flash mob locations to surprise and delight. There are so many places in London to perform a fantastic flash mob and we’d love to hear your favourites. If you’ve seen or been involved in a flash mob anywhere in London then drop us a line – we’d love to celebrate your achievements.


As always, we do recommend contacting some venues or seeking permission from the relevant authority for commercial projects. Flash Mobs are meant to be fun and entertaining so we have to respect the public and the law. The iconic T-Mobile flash mob performed at Liverpool Street Station in London took months of planning and set a trend for performing at stations in London. The truth is that for security and permission reasons, they are not recommended as performance spaces. We like to engage with the public without causing a nuisance and busy commuters are often not the best candidates for appreciative audiences. The above suggestions are great as audiences are usually in their leisure time rather than heads-down and focused on their day. There can be significant costs to perform in some locations. Find out more in our Flash mob FAQs.

TopSecretAgent provides professional flash mob performances in London and throughout the UK. We only use professional dancers, musicians and performers so we can guarantee the quality of each and every event. Get in touch and let us know how we can help with your next project.



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