Viral Flash Mob Videos


Viral Flash Mob Videos

According to various sources on the internet, a video needs in excess of 5 million views to be classed as viral. Viral means that web users voluntarily share content on social media so it organically accumulates millions of views. However, not all viral flash mob videos are what they seem…

In 2009, T-Mobile created an incredible performance which remains one of the most famous viral flash mob videos of all time:

With over 40 million views, their Life Is For Sharing Campaign was an internet sensation and set the benchmark for super size flash mobs. There are, of course, hundreds of amazing examples of viral flash mob videos but we want to challenge what constitutes viral.

Is It Really Viral?

Brighton Flash MobTopSecret has created some fantastic performances for client PR & marketing. They are outstanding tools for client engagement and provide great value compared to other marketing tools. Our recent flash mob for Fab Ice Lollies had over half a million views. It was a superb campaign although it wasn’t strictly a viral video. Not just because it didn’t achieve millions of views but more importantly because it was a supported campaign meaning that the client advertised the video / product via social media. This is now commonplace in todays internet where there is as big an audience online as there is sitting in front of their TV.

There are hundreds of specialist internet companies that excel in promoting viral content e.g agencies like Lad Bible, ViralContent Bee etc. Much of their content does go viral but – did you know – they are often viral because social media users have autoplay set on their devices. This means that every time you check facebook and a video begins playing it counts as a view? We think a user purposely clicking on a link such as ‘youtube recommended for you’  has more value because a user wants to see the content. Our recent (August 2017) wedding proposal for James & Luke had 180k youtube views in 10 days because YT users wanted to watch it:

Two of our other flash mob videos also went a bit crazy including this fun military wedding proposal:

and this beautiful surprise proposal for a couple who flew all the way from Australia to propose in London:

These aren’t big viral flash mob videos though. Here is a selection of our favourite viral flash mob videos:

Ode To Joy Flash Mob:

Our favourite wedding proposal flash mob ever:

Surprise wedding flash mob:

Mumbai Airports mobbed by singers & musicians:

There are some videos which we think deserve to go viral but just didn’t. This Zombie / Thriller performance is an amazing video and the production / performance was great and warrants more than 3k views at the time of writing.

How To Create Viral Flash Mob Videos

It’s hard to make content go viral organically but to give it every chance it needs a bit of basic help from experienced people. TopSecret can do all the necessary fundamentals to help a video on it’s way but the content needs to be ripe for sharing. Good content is usually key. We love our flash mobs – it’s our business. Some flashmobs are better than others which is why we try and steer a client towards telling a story. It’s more watchable and if its done well people will naturally want to share it. Here’s a few key essentials to a viral video:

  • Create something people want to watch. Appeal to the masses 
  • Tell a story. What’s special and different about your content?
  • Keep it short. Few people are going to watch your hour long video no matter how interesting it is to you
  • Share, share, share. Tell everyone you know about it on social media. Ask them to share it – it has to start somewhere
  • Make sure people can see it. Some content is blocked by youtube / social media. Make sure it plays on all devices or in the countries you want people to see it
  • Don’t worry about that #fail. Keep trying if it’s important. 
  • If all else fails consider paying for some advertising on social media channels.

Ultimately, out of the billions of videos that are published every year, very, very few go viral. Sometimes it can just be the right thing at the right time for the right viewers. 

We don’t guarantee viral flash mob videos to any of our clients but we do create great content. Want a flash mob? Drop us a line:

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