Wedding Proposal Gift Packages


Wedding Proposal Gift Packages

Our wedding proposal gift packages are gorgeous additions to your engagement plans or as beautiful standalone DIY proposal gift sets. Both are tailored to you as a couple and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. All you need to do is pop in your engagement ring and surprise your partner.

Wedding Proposal Gift Packages For You

Wedding Proposal Gift PackageTopSecret creates beautiful wedding proposal gift packages which are ideal for romantic proposals anywhere. They contain drinks, nibbles, chocolates, photos and romantic presents to enjoy when you’re ready to pop the question and can be delivered to an address of your choice. We’ll tailor the wedding proposal gift packages for you and your partner and each of them contains a special compartment for you to pop the engagement ring in if you want to add to the surprise. Your partner will love opening this beautifully wrapped engagement parcel which is ideal to pack in the back of the car en route to your proposal location or open at home for a romantic surprise.

Our wedding proposal gift packages are wrapped in brown paper on the outside with no indication of the contents so the secret can safely be received even by your partner.

Price: £199+ plus P&P


DIY Wedding Proposal Gift Packages

If you’re after an out-of-the-box DIY Wedding Proposal Gift then this is a perfect option. Each parcel contains decorations, props and romantic touches for you to decorate a small proposal area such as in a hotel room, a picnic spot or beach proposal. It’s also packed with drinks, nibbles, chocolates, photos and trinkets that will make for a perfect proposal.

DIY Wedding Proposal Gifts

An Ideal Proposal Package for:

Our Wedding Proposal Gift Package is popular with all of our couples and is an ideal gift to send a couple who are about to pop the question. Gifts are perfect for your partner or the couple if they are:
A Nightowl, Creative, Curious, Family Oriented,
Flamboyant, Intellectual, Loves Adventure, Loves Attention, Romantic, Shy, Wild Child

Price: £289+ plus P&P

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