Wedding Proposal Tips


Wedding Proposal Tips

The TopSecret team absolutely love wedding proposals and we’re proud to have helped 100’s of couples in their search for fantastic ways to pop the question. We’ve witnessed some true romantics and some who have needed some inspiration. If you’re thinking of asking your partner to marry you and if you want to avoid this kind of epic fail when proposing to your partner then our wedding proposal tips may make it more enjoyable on the day and a beautifully romantic memory that lives with you forever. The last thing we want is people cringing whenever someone asks “So…how did you guys propose?”

Timing Your Wedding Proposal

Only you know when the time is right to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. One of our recent clients said during their romantic wedding proposal “When you know – you know.” Unless your partner spends hours pining outside a jewelry shop or shares links to wedding dresses and venues on social media then you may not be 100%, definitely, positively sure if he/she will say yes to getting engaged. That’s just how it is and you’re in good company as the majority of us have the same worry – will they say yes?

Wedding Proposal Tips

If you’ve completely misjudged your relationship and your partner runs off crying when you ask for their hand in marriage then it’s probably for the best. For most people though, their wedding proposal is one of the most memorable occasions of their lives and will be remembered forever. Timing your wedding proposal right won’t necessarily affect the outcome but will definitely make for a more enjoyable memory.

Wedding Proposal Tips: No.1: Find the time

Check the calendar is clear, put some feelers out to discover if your partner has anything else planned on the day you have in mind. Tell them you’re looking at a couple of dates to take them out for dinner, a show or a surprise. If you’re super-spontaneous then your partner might not be surprised if you ask the question during a workday lunch hour. However, you may want to celebrate afterwards, tell friends and family or even go on a secret escape to relish the moment so make sure there is plenty of time to enjoy the moment and let it sink in.

Wedding Proposal Tips: No.2: Take your time

The few minutes you take to propose will be a lasting memory. Believe us. You can ask any engaged or married couple and they will remember their proposal like it was yesterday – the good and the bad. Take your time planning, take your time choosing the how and where and, perhaps most importantly (if you want to look Hollywood cool) take your time when asking the question. Of course, you’ll be nervous but that’s the charm of it. Your partner will love that you’re shaking, crying or stumbling over your words…that’s why they love you.

Wedding Proposal Tips: No.3: Who, what, where, when and why?

Nearly all of us have something unique that only we have shared with our partners. A memory of a place, a song, a meal or a laugh shared. These can be a great inspiration for the location and way in which you choose to propose. Would you prefer a quiet romantic moment with just the two of you or to share your engagement proposal with all the special people in your lives? Is it better to get engaged on a trip away or close to home? What would your partner prefer? You may want to share the moment with the world and hire a flash mob wedding proposal with TopSecret or you may prefer to organise a more intimate moment to propose.

Wedding Proposal Tips: No. 4: What did you say?

So, you’re in a classy restaurant, half way up a mountain or watching a beautiful sunset and your partner hears you ask “You’re really wrestling to me and I want to task – will you marmite?” Doh! Get their attention. Look them in the eye. Be bold, be upstanding (or on bended knee), be loud and proud! This is your moment to profess what your partner means to you as – regardless of whether you already know they’ll say yes – this is the one and only time you’ll EVER have to ask them to marry you. You can’t do it again – unless they say no but you wanna do this right first time, huh?

Wedding Proposal Tips: No.5: Size does NOT matter

We’re talking about the ring. Your partner won’t care whether you put a ring pull of a fizzy drink can or a 20 carat diamond ring on their finger. It’s the thought that will really count. If you want it to be a really special, momentous occasion – and we believe it should be – then the amount of time you spend planning will be more appreciated than the amount of money you spend. Romance costs nothing and memories last forever.

Wedding Proposal Tips


Wedding Proposal Tips: No.6: Enjoy the moment

Hold onto the reason why you’re popping the question and you won’t go far wrong. Look forward to it. Sure your stomach may be churning for days as the moment approaches. It’s perfectly natural. Above all, do it from the your heart and enjoy the moment. It will happen so quickly. Take your time, smile and say what you feel. It’s a truly special moment and we hope you enjoy yours.

We wish you all the best if you’re about to propose to your partner and we’d love to hear of any special ways you got engaged or any wedding proposal tips you’d give to prospective couples looking to pop the question.



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