What is a flash mob


What is a Flash Mob?

A flash mob is a seemingly spontaneous and unexpected performance by a group of people in a public arena. They usually take the form of a rehearsed dance, song or random act with the intention of entertaining, bemusing or grabbing attention of the public.

Flash mob participants are usually thrill-seeking volunteers who rehearse in advance and love the excitement of performing for a joint purpose with friends, members of a group or society, students or colleagues in a workplace. However, many flash mobs are carefully crafted by professional companies (such as ours) where a guarantee is required for participant numbers and performance quality for use in PR, promotions, proposals and parties.  Here’s one of the most iconic flash mobs of all time:

What is a flash mob for?

More often than not, a flash mob is a celebratory performance intended as entertainment for a local community or recipient such as a flash mob wedding proposal. Flash mobs come in all shapes and sizes and are also widely used to raise awareness of an organisation, charity or company wishing to deliver a specific message such as the Oxfam Gaza protest we helped with in August 2014.


Oxfam have been incredibly successful at highlighting worldwide issues. This campaign required a high impact statement without any ‘song or dance’ for such a serious and sensitive issue. The media attention surrounding the event secured a widely positive engagement with the public and political leaders.

Who Organises Flash Mobs?

Every year, thousands of flash mobs are organised across social media by voluntary groups who simply love having a great time in public. In fact, participating in a flash mob is now on many young peoples’ to-do list. They are hard to find so, if you don’t spot one, why not have a go at organising one yourself?

TopSecretAgent is a professional flash mob company. We love creating flash mobs for PR, Promotions, Proposals or good-old-fashioned fun. Here’s some of our favourite performances over the last couple of years:





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