Romantic York Flash Mob Proposal


Romantic York Flash Mob Proposal

Romantic CoupleTopSecret had a great call from Steve in November 2016 asking us to help with a romantic engagement proposal to his partner Faye. Whilst they had only been together for under a year, he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and wanted to arrange a fantastic flash mob proposal surprise in York that would leave her speechless.

Within days Steve chose what would be one of our largest wedding proposal flash mobs yet. A cast of 20 dancers, an amazing singer and an assembly of all their friends and family for an unforgettable performance. Steve chose Etta James’s At Last to pop the question with and the TopSecret team came up with a funky dance medley track that would work as the prevailing music. We got to work on designing the routine with our amazing choreographers. In the meantime, we continued discussing ideas with Steve about how we could involve friends and family. This had to be really special and completely tailored to them as a couple. Steve loved our suggestions and, after sending invites to one and all, Steve got to work on bringing together another romantic idea that was bound to bring tears to the eye.

The weather forecast the week before looked pretty grim. We weren’t too worried as we had our wonderful weather god Christina on the event. She is the TopSecret lucky charm and there was bound to be a break in the anticipated downpours. The day itself was pretty cold as you’d expect for February and the morning passed quickly with scattered showers. Everyone soon cheered up when Steve & Faye’s friends and family arrived an hour before hand as scheduled. We had a great run through and Steve’s friend Rob ensured everyone had their green bobble hats that he’d brought for everyone. A quick sound check and then everyone got into position just minutes before what we hoped would be the best York flash mob proposal ever.

What happened next was just beautiful to watch. A crowd of at least 200 people had already gathered during the sound check and this swelled up to 5-600 when Steve finally proposed. Spolier alert – she said yes! And…it didn’t rain.


As always, we have to thank everyone for being amazing, our pro-choreographers & dancers, Tarquin our video guy, Christina for keeping the rain at bay and general dogsbody Jay. Most of all we have to applaud Steve for being such a romantic, Faye for holding it together on the day and all of their fab family and friends who made their York flash mob proposal such a memorable event to everyone watching.

The TopSecret team would love to help with your wedding proposal. We have loads of unique engagement ideas and thousands of ways to pop the question. Whether you know exactly what you need or you are looking for a little inspiration – get in touch – we make good things happen.



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